Capitol Amateur Boxing Club


The Capitol Amateur Boxing Club runs from the Capitol Gym three times a week.

It is a long established club with a wide history of achievements.

The amateur club is fully licenced and whether you are an experienced boxer or new to the art why not come and see what we have to offer.

The club is open to both male and females.

The Capitol Gym has a full sized boxing ring, Assorted Punch bags, Speed Ball and a wide range of training equipment.

Classes are held on:-

Monday 7pm to 8.30pm

Wednesday 7pm to 8.30 pm

Saturday 10am to 11.30 am

For all newcomers you will need to attend a Saturday morning session for an induction before being invited to join the regular club sessions.

A fee is payable

For more information call the gym on 02476364237

HEAD COACH: Gary Anderson


What is Olympic-style boxing?

Olympic-style boxing is a very different sport to the professional boxing most people are familiar with seeing on TV.

The Olympic sport is often much faster and scoring is based around technique. It requires a great deal of technical skill and extremely high levels of fitness. Anyone who has ever tried their hand at sparring will tell you how hard it is to score points when your body is working that hard!

Contrary to common misperceptions, there is no room for anger and aggression in a boxing bout; and gold medal-winning boxers are calm and focused when they step into the ring.

Boxers wear either red or blue strips, protective head guards and gloves weighing 10 ounces. Bouts are decided by ringside judges and the result is based on the number of punches that land in a ‘target area’.

Boxers are usually limited to three 3-minute rounds or less (four 2-minute rounds for women), as opposed to 12 rounds in professional boxing. The winner of the bout is the boxer with the most points, unless the referee stops the bout before the final bell.

Boxing has been an Olympic sport since 1904. In 1941, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) took responsibility for the sport as a world governing body. Within the UK, there are three home nations: England Boxing, Welsh Boxing and Boxing Scotland.

The weights

Male Olympic boxers compete at 10 weights:

49kg; 52kg; 56kg; 60kg; 64kg; 69kg; 75kg; 81kg; 91kg; 91+kg

Women currently feature at three weights in the Olympics: 51kg; 60kg; 75kg.

Why Choose Boxing As A Health Program?

If you have a dream of becoming a great boxer while watching television, this news is for you. Moreover, people who have no intention in becoming a boxer but desire to develop a healthy physique can follow this literary piece too. This is the era of combat sports. Why? It is because it makes us sharper, stronger and agile in dealing with every aspect of life. What Is Boxing?

Boxing is a scientific way of increasing body strength, agility and self-confidence.

Boxing Is Safe

Yes, it is a contact sport. Therefore, it is obvious that injuries would be associated with the sport, but its level is minimal. Modern boxing training equips the student with heavily padded gloves and protective accessories that subdues every blow from opponent. It is not an abusive gladiatorial training. Thus, it does not concentrate on causing wound to body. Boxing pressurizes a person in a stimulated environment and compels his/her mind to learn the skill of survival.

How It Improves Health


The exercises that are involved in boxing, increases cardio vascular strength and improves our oxygen intake. This mechanism induces more oxygen into our blood stream and sends food to our muscles. It thus ensures growth of our muscles. Boxing exercises take care of every muscle of our body. It energises the core and helps to distribute the flow of energy naturally.

Terms and Conditions

Anyone wanting to take advantage must be over the age of 16 and be able to provide proof of age if asked.

Excludes the use of tanning beds
Excludes Spinning Classes

Only one free week trial per person.
This offer is not available to current or past members.
On redeeming your voucher you will be asked to complete a no obligation membership form.