SCOTT PAISLEY - STAFF & Personal Trainer

Scott Paisley has worked as a Gym Instructor here at the Capitol for 3 years. He has level 2 & 3 qualification's in sports fitness and is also a level 2 personal trainer.

Scott runs his successful Strength Squad Personal Training and is now taking on new clients

Contact Scott at the gym via facebook or website enquiries and he will get back to you.

LANDON KNIGHT - Personal Trainer

Landon Knight is the latest private personal trainer and online coach to join us here at the Capitol Gym.

He has over 6 years experience within the industry and has built up a very successful client base. He works with clients from many backgrounds ,all with their own variety of goals, ranging from sports specific training to competition prep.

Landon has also competed himself within bodybuilding competing in the Mens Physique Category in which he won.

For further details contact Landon via email

Dave Masterson - Personal Trainer

Dave Masterson is a private personal trainer who works with his many clients here at the gym. Dave is a level 3 certified Personal Trainer. 

He has worked with many clients over the years and all have reached their own personal goals.

If you are looking at losing weight or gaining lean muscle or simply just want to gain some confidence to start a new fitness regime then Dave can help.

To contact Dave call him on 


Adam Robinson - STAFF & Personal Trainer

Adam Robinson has worked as a Gym Instructor and Manager of the Capitol Gym for 8 years. 

He has level 2 & 3 qualifications in sports fitness and personal training. 

Adam has also gained a diploma in sports business management.

He  has an extensive knowledge in sports supplements and nutrition and is always on hand to give our members any nutritional advice they require.

You can get in touch with Adam at the gym via facebook or website enquiries and he will get back to you


David has recently joined our successful team  here at the Capitol Gym .

He is currently working with clients who are looking for dietary advice.

David offers the following:

Personalised nutrition/diet plans.

Weight loss/weight gain plans

Personal Training

Strength & Conditioning

Prep Coaching

Pregnancy/Postpartum Training

Military Fitness Training

Functional Fitness

Contact David

or via gym contacts


David Seymour is one of the Capitol Gym's private boxing coaches.

He is currently competing as a professional boxer and has just won his latest fight on November 2nd 18.

David started his amateur boxing here at the Capitol gym and was coached by Gary Anderson and his team. He was 5 time midland champion in he amateurs and is now building a very successful professional status.

David is an excellent boxing coach and is building up a very strong client base.

If you are looking for private lessons then you can contact David on email or via gym

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